Juvenilia: Virtual Amusement Park in VR386

[Short version: I recently came across the intentionally awful Really3D channel (check out their version of The Simpsons intro, for example) and it reminded me of the unintentionally primitive virtual reality programming I did as a teenager. I managed to revive some of that work and made the following video (YouTube link). If you care […]

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Saved By Old Times

Every so often while I’m doing the dishes, the sunlight will come in at just the right angle, and I’ll be reminded of this photograph (ca. 1945) that my family discovered a few years ago: One day around Christmas 2008, my dad came across a box of old slides and films; that night we set […]

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My name is Chris Campbell. I like pixels. I’m a software developer by day, and when I’m not coding, I’m probably puttering around the neighborhood. Or I’m out taking photographs. Or I’m recording music under the pseudonym La Bonne Soupe (thus the title of this site).

I’m currently employed at Plausible Labs, a worker-owned software cooperative here in San Francisco. Previously I spent 10+ years at Sun Microsystems, working on the Java2D and JavaFX graphics engines.

You can reach me by email at chrispcampbell at gmail dot com.